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toying with the idea of a motorbike conversion

Posted: Fri, 04 Nov 2016, 00:04
by offgridQLD
Thanks for the links.

Yes not looking to for anything prebuilt or to build anything short of a full sized trails bike. As I have a few ebikes and trikes to cater for the lightweight delicate EV's.

The clutch has me thinking I found one exploded diagram showing the EM 5.7 and from what I can see there is no clutch. Looks very similar to my trike reduction drive that has a toothed belt primary drive except it has a chain and sprocket secondary drive vs a gates carbon fiber belt drive that I have. Aluminum Samwitch plate layout. Unless its some kind of electronic clutch simulation?


I wasn't planing on using one.

I'm thinking the water cooled version of the golden motor would be good for not much extra mainly as it would be more weather and dust resistant.

toying with the idea of a motorbike conversion

Posted: Fri, 04 Nov 2016, 06:53
by mikedufty
One of the "clutch" systems I think just blocked the throttle input, so you could wind it on with the lever pulled, then go instantly to 100% throttle. Not sure how useful that would really be.

toying with the idea of a motorbike conversion

Posted: Fri, 04 Nov 2016, 16:16
by offgridQLD
Ok cool, thats what I was thinking. I have said it befor that the flywheel effect on a gas motor when you snap that clutch peddle (car) or lever (bike) is very aggressive and in the case of a trials bike in my opinion can launch harder than the instantaneous torque of a electric motor.

Think of the old style 150 ton flywheel guillotine press. A little 2hp electric motor would keep it spinning and hit the peddle and that flywheel would shear 5 lengths of reo bar on the table as thick as your arm in one go like butter. The same. Try doing that with direct coupled electric motor with no flywheel.

Anyhow I'm not looking to launch myself on top of brick walls or anything a pro comp level would need so I don't think the clutch or lack of flywheel effect will be a issue.

I put a few adds about online looking for a rolling frame or complete bike with engine/gearbox issues. See what offers I get to start this project off.

toying with the idea of a motorbike conversion

Posted: Fri, 04 Nov 2016, 20:26
by Richo
offgridQLD wrote: One production example that got my attention was the Electric motion 5.7.

The killer though was the price $12,000.

Yeah amazes me some business models.
Could buy and convert a trail bike for less than that in one-off's.

toying with the idea of a motorbike conversion

Posted: Fri, 04 Nov 2016, 22:06
by offgridQLD
Though I don't need to distribute it across the world and pay for man hrs building it. The price is competitive considering it's a brand new low volume bike turn key.

Though If you on a budget it's not a option. I think $3,500 - $5,000 is a ok budget considering I have the battery's, most of the mechanic drive line components and can do my own fabrication and machining.

Depending on how much you pay for the dona bike. I think it worth buying a rolling bike that's in real nice condition and the later model the better. Same with electric car conversions.

toying with the idea of a motorbike conversion

Posted: Mon, 03 Jul 2017, 21:35
by aegidius
Looked into the rego aspect for EV bikes a couple of years ago (I am also in Qld). Seems that there is no well defined process to get engineers approval for a modification like there is for cars (NCOP14). Basically anything you do to a bike makes it an ICV, and there are open-ended costs and time spent in getting it registered. Rego is a matter of if not when.

This put me off entirely. I'd love to hear if this situation has changed.

Converting an already registered bike is chancy (I thought of that too) If you hit anything, you have an illegally modified vehicle, and insurance won't pay.

Technical hurdles mainly revolve round space for batteries, IMHO. Nice to hear about those newer Motenergy motors, I was looking at the double sided ME0913 (I think) at the time. Being able to have a gearbox would be nice too, but again it's the space issue.