kunanyi Challenge

How efficient is an electric vehicle?  How efficiently can you drive yours?  Test your skills against other EV drivers in the AEVA's first national EV efficiency challenge.

Contestants start their journey at the EEE Expo on the waterfront in Hobart.  From here you can see your destination - the top of kunanyi / Mt Wellington!  Starting out with a full charge, your challenge is to drive to the top of the mountain, then return to the expo having consumed the least amount of energy possible. 
How do we tell how much you've used?  That's the fun part!

When the vehicles return to the expo, we'll direct them inside the building where we'll have a row of AC chargers waiting for them.  Each contestant will park next to a charger, but don't plug in yet!  Once everyone is ready, the MC will direct everyone to plug in at the same time, to the cheers of the onlookers.
Once charging, you'll have time to go and freshen up at your accommodation.  Then return for a cocktail reception among the cars!

At the reception you'll be provided with drinks and canapes as the cars charge.  The chargers have been configured to deliver the same charging rate to each car, so the first one to 100% full is the 'Line Honours' winner.  We'll be displaying the progress of the charging on large screens overhead, to give everyone a sense of the 'race' going on.

Prizes will be given for:

  • Line honours winner (first to 100%)
  • Overall winner (least energy used, as determined by the chargers)
  • Handicap winner (best efficiency compared to WLTP rating)

Watch this space for more details!

Oh, and don't be confused by the photo, that's from the fondly-remembered Cradle Mountain Charge in 2017.

Date: Nov. 2, 2024, midnight - Nov. 2, 2024, 11:59 p.m.