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Martin's 94 Electric Kawasaki Ninja

Martin's 94 Electric Kawasaki Ninja
Owner: Martin Oestreich
Builder: Martin Oestreich
Chassis: 1994 Kawasaki 250 Ninja
Battery: Nominal 72 volts (23 series Winston 90 Ah capacity)
Motor: QS Hub motor 8 kW
Controller: Kelly Controller KLS7275H
Charging: 1) Topcase containing 3kW (adjustable) charger 10-15A power point or Type 2 cable
               2) 3 x 280 Wp Solar (99% of the time) directly into the battery.
Power: 8kW at 110 km/h
Range: 100 km

Top speed is 110 km/h limited by the max. rpm of the hub motor. Energy consumption is 4-5 kWh/100 km when doing 70-80kph and range then is more than 120km. Going faster the consumption jumps up a lot; 7-8 kW/100 km. The hub motor is rated 8kW but you cannot put 8kW through it permanently it gets really hot then (wrong rating?).

So it is not possible to go highway speeds and not have trucks piling up behind you. QS-Motor is releasing liquid cooled hub motors....that would be the way to go. The heavier hub motor (+11kg to the original wheel) does not cause any issue with ride comfort or road handling.

The battery is monitored with a ZEVA cell monitor. If one cell goes overvolt the charging process gets stopped.
Over/under-volts are displayed in the dash. Battery balancing is done externally. After a settling in period of a few charge cycles the battery was bottom balanced and is performing well since. Winston 90Ah battery stays always matter what I do. I use only 80% of the rated capacity (90 Ah) keeping clear of bottom and top voltages to increase the life of the battery (2.5V -3.8V).

Cost was $10k including all fees/ postage and the 3 solar panels the bike gets charged on.


Martin Oestreich
Tamworth ,NSW