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Evoke Motorcycles

Evoke Motorcycles
Evoke motorcycles have created the ideal commuting motorcycle. The Urban series has 2 styles: the Urban 'S' is a naked Italian sportster style and the Urban Classic as a cafe racer. 
The bikes are capable of over 130 km/hr with the instant torque of electric power. The new Urban has a city range of 200km and around 150km if you have some freeway sections. Commute for two or three days before having to plug in to charge, 3-5 hours from a 240v 10A wall outlet and your bikes ready to go again. 
Being electric makes the commute so much more enjoyable with smooth effortless performance ideal for moving in and out of traffic. The twist and go is so easy to ride and being LAM's approved are ideal for your first bike. Features like reverse make it so easy to park and the reduced maintenance of electric power are all bonuses of electric motorcycling.
Watch out for the Evoke 6061 super cruiser coming next year. 120kw of power and 265km Highway range.
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Peter Hull
32 Hayes Street
Park Avenue ,QLD 4701
(049) 922-5167