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Ad Zuiderwijk's Citroen 2CV

Ad Zuiderwijk's Citroen 2CV


Vehicle: 1982 CITROEN 2 CV Imported from UK
Owner/Builder: Ad Zuiderwijk
Battery: 120 volts, 200 Ah. Cells are Winston LFP prismatic cells.
Motor: 24 kW DC forklift, made Poland
BMS: ZEVA (Ian Hooper, WA-based)
Charging: 1 kW AC fitted on firewall + 12 Volt DC
Kerb weight: Car 900 kg
Driving range: Originally 100km, now after 12 years, approximately 80 km.
Total cost: ~$12,000 (2011 prices)
Body: Extensive restoration and upgraded suspension
Mechanics: Original 2 cyl. Air cooled. Engine replaced with same length motor, via adapter plate and shortened
gearbox driveshaft. Use existing gears but normally always driving in 4 th gear. No shifting required since torque is abundant froma standstill.

“Always first to leave the traffic lights”.


Ad Zuiderwijk
Perth ,WA 6076