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Tasmanian Branch Meeting

Agenda items include:

  • Report on the Launch - Warren
  • Report on MotorMania – Christopher
  • Report on the Tas Dragway event - Christopher
  • Report on website & social media coverage – Greg & Rachel
  • Report from Bus group
  • Update on the Sustainable Living Festival Saturday & Sunday the 31st October & 1st November in Hobart. - Paul and Corey.
  • Picnic at Ross – event to attend suggested by Ray.
  • Electric Highway
  • Donated Charger
  • National AGM – October 3rd, Clive & Christopher are delegates for the Tas branch.
  • National AGM 2016 – should Tas host it?
  • Discuss what frequency and type of meetings AEVA Tas would like.
  • Peter has an idea to create one or more technical displays to take to events that the AEVA attends.

If you'd like something included on the agenda please email

All members and guests are welcome!  If you'd like to come to the meeting and you have not before, it might be good to let us know.  We have had a lot of interest lately and it would help to make sure we have a big enough room.

If you'd like to attend the meeting via Skype then please email  Give us as much notice as possible so we can set this up.

State Cinema, 375 Elizabeth St. North Hobart
16th September 7pm


Is it worth considering a presence at Picnic at Ross next year (May?. I've been to the last two, and despite the weather, it is always nice to see all the enthusiast's vehicles (and bringing a nice picnic lunch). It is central, and has a nice feel to it - people with their vehicle interest groups. I will be there next year.


Picnic at Ross? - sounds great!

I've added it to the agenda.  I'm working on it as we speak with the idea of getting it sent out by email in the next few days.  If you are able to find out more details then bring them along or email them if you can't get to the meeting.

These sorts of events are relatively easy to organise and help awareness in the community.

Very informal, just arrive - no charge. If we all meet outside and drive in together, we will be able to have our cars together in one area. Not a long day, and can leave when you want to. I enjoy all the different classes of vehicles (remember my HR, HT and HG holdens and X series fords). It has been for older vehicles but hey, we have eventually 'vintage' electric vehicles. I think we might be at model T ford status in electric vehicles?

Hi All, As Tasmania is the only AEVA branch in Australia to be a state wide branch, we need to consider the "special" circumstances that creates. City branches have relative ease of access being confined to a city. The Nth West Coast of Tassy is a over a 7 hour return trip to Hobart. I cannot envisage members in Hobart making that length of trip to the this end of the island for a 2 hour meeting on a regular basis !

Now, that half of Hobart has NBN (so it was reported on tonights news) surely arranging a Skype session or conference phone hook-up would facilitate an equitable arrangement for all state wide members. This type of facility would also contribute to growing the membership, just facilitating the ability for all members to be included.

Thanks for your consideration. Shayn Harkness in Cethana - the famous Targa Rally stage

Agreed, even Launceston is a bit of a drive for electric vehicles that just don't have the (electric) range yet. NBN might be the way to go (in a few years when we have it). Maybe Skype 'centres' on meeting nights?


Hi Shayn,

Yes we have used Skype for our previous meetings.  I'm from the North and I've Skyped in twice.  The first time was a great experience, with everyone's voices crystal clear and the video worked in both directions.  The second time was a relatively bad connection, but after I turned off the outgoing video I could hear well enough.

Clive is the one who set up Skype the previous times, but he can't make this upcoming meeting.  I'm attending in person this time, so I might be able to use my computer, or there may be another volunteer who can do it.  I'll edit the meeting notice to include Skype - basically if you'd like to Skype then let me know and I'll see what we can do.

Christopher Walkden
Secretary, AEVA Tas

Thank for the quick response Christopher. It is great news that using Skype to participate in meetings is possible. I am most disappointed I cannot attend or Skype for the Sept 16th meeting. I am the fellow that raised the crowd funding question at the launch. We have a critical meeting for our Community Bank branch project on Sept 16th.

Tasmanian Electric Highway (TEH)

My suggestion is that AVEA TAS could start a Pledge register of interested members, organizations, business etc, wanting to assist the project to progress forward. At this stage it would just be expressions of interest volunteering their contact details and nominating an amount they are will to commit / donate / invest into the setting up of an Tasmanian Electric Highway subject to defining the project extent, management organisation & funding model etc. So nothing legally binding to start with. The Pledge Register could also take pledges for in kind support - Concrete company willing to donate footings, Qualified electricians willing to donate labour,  Solar PV companies willing to partner with installations to make them greener and financially viable etc etc.

AVEA would then have some clout to consider going to next stages - collaborative negations / feasibility study / forming company / organisation????

This painless first step gets an indication of tangible support. Further the promotion and advocacy for TEH.

To start this process,

I (Shayn W Harkness) do wish to pledge $500 toward the project of Tasmanian Electric Highway, subject to my agreement of the final TEH plan proposal along with the funding and management structure.

I am happy for you to use this info in any way you wish.




Hopefully someone has more time thank I at the present time to look into the following

Some research on suitable grants to help get the project started / feasibility / employ part time coordinator would be valuable

Such as      see list below of possibles on this website

Hello Shayn - so you're that guy!

I was speaking with someone recently and mentioned the crowd funding suggestion.  I expressed my hope that they knew something about the process, and that they would become a member and help us investigate the possibility.  And here we are!

Clive is the member who proposed the TEH and he is the lead on this project.  He is currently overseas and so won't be at this coming meeting (unless he Skypes).  You will have seen him at the launch presenting the project - I think he did a fantastic job!  I like your idea of a grant to get the project started - I think that if I was going to put money into this I'd like to know exactly where my money was going.  So the grant (or an early sponsorship) would pay for someone to develop a framework for us to crowdfund towards.  My opinion is that we should wait until that framework is developed before we start to crowdfund.  Otherwise we might get the situation whereby people say they will donate, but a year later when we are ready for them they have lost interest.  If we have a timeline to work towards, with work being able to start as soon as money is received, I think this would be better for the project.  But just my opinion, I know nothing about these things!

Clive and I will be attending AGM in Perth in early October.  WA are busily installing their electric highway, and I know that Clive is lining up various parties to discuss how it has been done.  We should be able to learn from their experience.


Hi Christopher, Yes that guy :-) I think that early expressions of interest would give more weight to any approaches made to prospective parties and definitely any application for grants. Yes some interest may fall away over time, but the "small" initial expressions of interest help motivate the significant parties to take a forward step. Re-confirming expressions of interest over a certain value, at appropriate intervals, would not be onerous. If you had sooooo many expressions of interest - that would be a problem we want to have :-)

Floating the expressions of interest register will cost little in time or effort. Again, when it become a chore, we will be at the next stage already :-)