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Minutes from Sydney Branch meeting on 5 December 2018

                    5 December 2018, 7:30pm
              Baulkham Hills Sports Club
1.  Welcome by David Hiley (Vice Chairman) standing in for Greg Partridge (Chairman).
2.  Attendance Book circulated.
3.  Apologies from Greg Partridge, Michael Day, and Richard McNeal.
Richard had intended to talk about the recently purchased/made “Around Australia Electric Highway Map Banner”. David presented it in his absence. 
4.  Minutes from previous branch AGM on 05 October 2018, were posted on the AEVA Sydney branch website. No amendments suggested. Noted that the Website is undergoing update at the moment.
5.  Treasurers report: Not presented.
6.  Chairmans report: Not Presented.
7.  Secretaries report: Minutes tabled nothing else to report.
8.  Event Reports:
Newcastle V8 Race 23-25 November, plus days before and after was very big. We had 6 cars. Model-X, Model-S, Kangoo, Zoe, PHEV, Leaf, plus Fonzerelli and Zero.  TOCA was also present with 4-5 Teslas which were used to give rides to punters during the weekend. The first day 22nd was epic, not least because of high wind, rain, and dust, leading to having to wash all the cars in the evening. The Friday was quite big, but Saturday was even more big, Sunday was a bit more quiet, but we had a production line by then. Test rides were a big hit, but we were very sensible about observing the speed limit. 3 Zero riders came up on the Saturday Andy Marsh, Nigel Morris, and Tomas Pinn, and also helped on the stands. David gave a big plug for The website, as well as Nigel’s solar installation business. On the Sunday Michael and James came up and helped with the stands. Big congrats to David for going above and beyond to make it a great event.
Mark Roberts went on Weekend Sunrise for a fluff piece. He managed to mention “Fair Dinkum renewable energy”.
The National AGM 9-11th November in Brisbane. First day was in three parts, the conference – mostly speakers; The second day – presentations, and cars on show. Public speaking went for the whole day and was standing room only; The AGM stuff happened with the Go-kart race on the last day, at “Game Over”. The race was won by NSW represented by Danny Ripperton. This is on youtube - search for “AEVA AGM 2018”. More info in the Minutes for the AGM.
9.  Coming Events
Christmas Party. Agreed to hold at Wayne’s place at Amaroo park on 16 December. BYO grog and steak and also AEVA funded stuff. Also bring your toys, bikes etc. We need some people to come around 10am to help setup, with the main BBQ at 12pm. 
National AGM in Sydney – some options were discussed at length, with lots of opinions aired. Giving punters rides was especially discussed, the problem being we have insurance for public roads, not tracks.
Hyndai available for demo on the 10th December. Expect others will also be available by our AGM.
NRMA Fast chargers have progressed with another 4 installed.
10. No Raffle this time.
11. Members current projects.
Steve Conwell discussed doing a VW combie with a Tesla battery, and his involvement in renewable energy investments.
Jeff talked about various projects he has, a mint Mercedes W111 coupe he intends to work on next year; a Combi, the Moke, a Puego, DS, Stefan’s car now running, Johns i3 may be a doner for his Lotus, and he has 2 damaged Teslas.
Danny took his cart to Cameron Park, and on his first outing was able to come close to the lap record for his category. Information gained has given him lots ideas for more modifications. Particularly fixing the under-steer.
Charles recommended a book by Laurance Bones – Autonomy. 
Bruno is doing adjudicating for Sunswift’s World record attempt for the vehicle with the lowest energy consumption this Saturday morning 8th December.
12. EVs in Carpark- 
13. Meeting closed 9:22pm     
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 AUSTRALIAN ELECTRIC VEHICLE ASSOCIATION SYDNEY BRANCH MEETING Agenda 13 February 2019, 7:30pm Baulkham Hills Sports Club 1. Welcome by Greg Partridge (Chairman). 2. Attendance Book circulated. 3. Apologies 4. Minutes from previous branch Meetin on 05 December 2018, were posted on the AEVA Sydney branch website and Facebook. Amendments? Suggestions? Acceptance? 5. Chairmans report: 6. Treasurers report: 7. Secretaries report: Minutes tabled. nothing else to report. 8. Event Reports: Senate Report released. Mark Roberts and Michael Day appeared on 7 afternoon and Evening News on 31 Jan. Misquoted to suggest support per Km tax – Senate report proposes this for 2026, with incentives up to then. NRMA Fast chargers have progressed Berry now operational. Bruno did adjudicating for Sunswift’s World record attempt for the vehicle with the lowest energy consumption this Saturday morning 8th December - result. Other 9. Coming Events Electrikhana in other states Chargers for BHSC update National AGM in Sydney – Update Other 10. Raffle and Break. 11. Members current projects. 12. EVs in Carpark- Meeting closed? Next Meeting (subsequently changed to) 10 April 2019.