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John McGuinness breaks Isle of Man TT Zero record - 117 mph!

Legendary Isle of Man TT racer, John McGuinness has smashed the electric motorcycle lap record this year, putting in a 117.3 mph (188 km/h) average speed from a standing start on the Mugen Shinden-San 100 kW electric machine.

Footage from on board the Mugen Shinden-San machine can be found here:

McGuinness' team mate Bruce Anstey crossed the line 23.3 seconds later, recording a 115 mph lap - still quicker than last year's record of 109 mph (175 km/h) set by Michael Rutter.  Team Buckeye Current from Ohio State University improved on last year's efforts with Rob Barber recording a 93.5 mph lap and securing third place on the podium.

The Isle of Man mountain course is arguably the world's most challenging motorsport course, and the rapid progression of electric machines has been nothing short of phenomenal.  Only 4 years ago the record was set by a dual DC-motored machine at under 90 mph.

Who said electric bikes were slow?

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