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Electrikhana 2014!

Want to test-drive an electric car?  How about an electric scooter or an e-bike?  Considering buying a new EV or converting old chassis?

Then get yourself out to the 3rd annual Electrikhana!  

Saturday the 8th of March, 9 am to 5 pm.  Entry $4, entry + unlimited test-drives $10! (barbecue and drinks available)

RAC Driving Centre, 46 Grogan Road, Perth International Airport

Electrikhana 2014 official flier.pdf

Electrikhana is the Perth branch of the AEVA's main fundraising event, and serves as a terrific showcase of electric vehicle technology.  Test drive a Volt, iMiEV, or Nissan Leaf.  You can even learn about the new BMW i3.  This year we are inviting businesses and organisations in the sustainability and energy efficiency sector to join the fun.  You can drive your next electric car, get a quote on charging it on 100% solar, and find out where you can drive and get a charge!

For more information, contact Chris on 0422191511 or email

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