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Byron Bay Solar Revolution Symposium big hit with EVs

Brisbane AEVA at Byron Solar Symposium

The Brisbane branch of the AEVA made an appearance at the 2015 Byron Bay Solar Revolution Symposium, showcasing many of the electric car and motorcycle options available in Australia today.  The Symposium was held on the 21st of March and included seminars and discussions on community owned renewable energy generation.  Speakers included paleontologist Dr Tim Flannery and RenewEconomy's Giles Parkinson.

Brisbane branch chairman, Leslie Smith drove his Nissan Leaf the whole way down from Brisbane -  a journey of 350 km - in one day!  Several electric bicycles and scooters were on display too

Bris AEVA bikes Byron.jpg

For more information on what's going on with electric vehicles in the Brisbane and northern NSW region, get in touch with the Brisbane AEVA branch!

Bris AEVA at Byron2.jpg

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