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Australian EV racecar ELMOFO makes history!

Elmofo brings it home at Wakefielf Park

An Australian made electric supercar rewrote a bit of racing history at Wakefield Park Raceway, Goulburn, by being the first electric Supersport vehicle to compete in a race against equivalent petrol powered cars, and win both races.  Not enough?  How about setting a round-smashing 57.687 second lap record?

Driver Garth Walden set the cracking pace on August 17th at the NSW Supersport state championship, under the auspices of CAMS.  Elmofo, one of AEVA's corporate members, are an electric motorsports team and performance EV parts supplier based in Newcastle, NSW.  Brett Sutherland, owner of the vehicle and PV installation firm Solar Power Australia, says he is immensely proud of the teams achievements.  "We have changed a lot of people's perception of electric cars, and even had devout petrol head racers come up to me at the track on the weekend and say things like 'I wasn't a fan of this thing before....but I'm certainly on-board now'." He said.  

What next for Elmofo?  The Supersport race format does change from time to time, including longer races which would leafe the Elmofo a bit short on range.   Brett remains optimistic about the future though;  "It would be nice to take it overseas to run in some of the high profile events like Pikes Peak."  

The Australian EV community can't wait to see what's next!

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