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Around Australia Electric Highway - now complete!


Occasionally, you still hear people remark that electric vehicles are city-bound.  Well thanks to the efforts of the AEVA and the Tesla Owners Club, naysayers now have one less argument.

Circumnavigating Australia in an electric vehicle is now possible thanks to a network of charging stations.  The remote stretches of road crossing the Nullarbor Plain in SA/WA as well as the Pilbara, Kimberly and Top End are now covered with 32 amp, three phase sockets.  The eastern seabord is well serviced by the Queensland Electric Superhighway, and the Tesla Supercharger network in south-eastern Australia.  The south-west of WA has been serviced by the RAC Electric Highway since 2015.

Charging June 2018.JPG

Places to charge your EV are now in abundance thanks to the AEVA and TOCA's efforts.  Chargepoint finding App Plugshare shows a significant increase in charging points over the past two years!

Charging locations were scarce just two years ago!

The humble 32 amp, three-phase industrial socket forms the backbone of the remote legs, and is the "bush standard" for charging.  Offering up to 22 kW of power (if your vehicle's onboard charger is big enough) these will add over 100 km of range per hour of charging for a Tesla Model S, and up to 150 km per hour in a Renault Zoe!  Other EVs will struggle with the gaps between chargers, but that has been no deterrant for a few keen members.  Several EVSE suppliers lister in our Corporate Members page can supply an adapter to suit.

We look forward to adding more charge points around the country in the near future! 

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