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I-MiEV Insurance

My i-MiEV insurance. -  Ring Kylie

The time has come around, and the insurance renewal for my new i-MiEV is looming.  When I originally took delivery, I scoured through the various websites to see what sort of quote was competitive. Unfortunately the company that insured my oil burner, which offered very competitive rates, did not list the i-MiEV on its quote site, and my call to the company to point out this oversight did not get very far, “if it’s not on the website, we don’t insure it” was all the response I could get. Therefore I insured through a competing reputable insurer, and secured (with the on-line discounts) comprehensive insurance for a reasonable price.

However when the renewal notice from this company, who shall remain nameless, arrived, the premium had increased by a whopping $210, despite the agreed value of the car decreasing from $36,500 (the lowest the website would accept) to $29,250. I had been with this company before and had got tired of the constant, more than incremental increases with each renewal. Renegotiating them over the phone was close to impossible, and apparently, they still did not want my repeat business.

 Before returning to trolling through websites to look for a better deal, I decided to check with Budget Direct, the insurer of my other vehicle, however the Budget website still did not list the i-MiEV as a quote option. Undeterred, I phoned client services.  My customer service advisor was named Kylie, she was very helpful.

“I have vehicle insurance with Budget, I want to insure a second vehicle.”

“Easy,” she replied “go to the website to get a policy , then you can use policy manager to link the policies and get the discount”

“But my model of car is not on your website, can I arrange a policy without going through the website?”

Initially, the response was similar to my previous attempt, but more measured. With the initial impression that an i-MiEV was a high performance petrol car like an EVO or a WRX.  

“Budget is low to medium risk insurer, we don’t insure WRX’s or cars like a WRX”

However Kylie had the patience and people skills to hear me out and the drive, skills and intelligence to take action and not accept the status quo.

“No, it’s not like a WRX, it is an electric car, it weighs 1100kg and has a top speed of 120kmh, it is more like a Honda Jazz than a WRX, I am with the Australian Electric Vehicle Association, I got it from the dealer brand new, just last year, there are not many on the road, maybe that is why it is not on the website”

With an understanding of the situation, I was put on hold and Kylie sprang into action, conferring with her manager, in a surprisingly short time she was back. Yes, they can insure the car, being missing from the website was an oversight, if I could give the details over the phone it could be arranged straight away. And so it was, and for a price $300 less than my renewal quote  and $100 less than the original policy. (Thanks to multi-policy discounts)

So, there is a Santa Claus, and if no Santa Claus at least there is Kylie at Budget Direct, now I just have tell Dave about this and also that Alien guy he lives next to. Because being an advanced life form that guy must also own an i-MiEV.

For those looking to insure their EV.

Budget Direct - still do not list the i-MiEV or the LEAF on their website, they do list the Blade Electron, Tesla is listed but no Model choice

Apia - List both the i-MiEV and the LEAF

GIO - List both the i-MiEV and the LEAF

Bingle = (Suncorp) List both the i-MiEV and the LEAF

Just Car (whose website has real rev-head look) list both the i-MiEV and the LEAF


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