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Fonzarelli Electric Moto (Sydney, NSW)

FONZARELLI Electric Scooter

The Fonzarelli electric scooter
Meet Australia’s first electric scooter with no compromises. The new Fonz has been amped up in every way. A new, super-compact portable battery you can charge anywhere. Supercharged style. Amped up performance. And zero emissions.

Fonzarelli are proud to offer AEVA members a 5% discount on all new scooter purchases! Stay tuned for more details, or visit the AEVA facebook page!

The Fonzarell is all electric, built with the performance you need to get around the urban jungle. Its easy, gliding sensation gives a unique feeling of freedom. The Fonz accelerates from 0-60 km/h in six seconds and cruises comfortably at 60-65 km/h. With immediate torque, it’s completely unlike the experience of riding a petrol bike.  And for an extra burst of power when you want it, just hit ‘F’ for Forza. It’s a supercharge that will help you with difficult terrain!

Fonzarelli’s compact portable battery and charger give you power where and when you need it. A compact battery (≤ 10kg), you can simply remove it from the bike and charge anywhere. And just like your phone, it’s best to charge your Fonzarelli battery at night (you might even benefit from off-peak rates), and wake up ready for the day ahead. Your charger is compatible with the standard Australian 240 volt outlet – so no fiddling around with special charging stations. So long as you have your charger with you, you can power up anywhere there’s a power outlet.
Range is impressive too. A single battery gives you on average 50 km, and two batteries (depending on terrain and user weight) will give around 100 km. It’s more than enough juice for trips around town – exactly what Fonzarelli is designed for. Check out our ‘How about the range and performance?’ section of the FAQs for more information.

Fonzarelli are proud to support the AEVA through corporate membership!

Address: L4, 53-55 Liverpool St, Sydney NSW 2000 Australia

Phone: (02) 8283 5467