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AEVA and National Science Week!

The Australian Electric Vehicle Association helped jump-start National Science Week around the country, with displays and events right around the country.  From test-drives at the Hunter Valley EV festival to stalls at the Perth Science Festival, there was always something going on.  National Science Week runs from the 16th to the 24th of August - check out an event near you!

Hunter Valley EV Festival (photos courtesy of Bill Collison and Chris Baird)

Hunter Valley AEVA Science Week3.jpg

Hunter Valley AEVA Science week4.jpg

Hunter Valley AEVA Science Week1.jpg

AEVA display at the 9th annual "Science Alive!" event, Adelaide show grounds (pictures courtesy of Eric Rodda)

Sydney Maker Faire at the Powerhouse Museum (photos courtesy of Mark Taylor):

Sydney AEVA Science Week1.JPG

Sydney AEVA Science Week2.JPG

AEVA members displaying their electric cars and bikes at the Perth Science Festival (photos courtesy of Joseph Law)

Perth AEVA Science Week1.JPG

Perth AEVA Science Week2.JPG


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